PBWN stands with One Woman International—Fearless Women’s Summit in Austin, TX

Empowering Women All Over the World

One Woman International hosts the Fearless Women’s Summit in locations such as–Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Canada and America. Founder of One Woman International, Sharla Brown, states, “One Woman is a global social enterprise on a mission to help women and girls around the globe live their dreams and reach their full potential through education, skills training, and entrepreneurship.”

As One Woman unites powerful women from all walks of life, Tach Branch-Dogans of PBWN was honored to become a part of this global movement, as a Fearless Speaker in Austin, TX, where she shared her experiences and wisdom in business, acquired over a decade. Tach was delighted to be part of this prestigious event and proudly supports the beliefs and mission of One Woman.

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